Afternoon by the canal.

We went to feed the ducklings, but they must have been further up the canal. So me, Sydney and Elsie just sat and watched the world go by.


Fight down the canal!!

Having a quiet canal walk with dogs, watching Colin the Cormorant have a stretch, when Mr Swan decides that the canal is his territory. In true cormorant style, he dived under the water, leaving Mr Swan bemused!! Mrs Duck and family carried on down the canal nonplussed by all the fuss!!

Canal walk using my (unused and unloved) “point and shoot” Samsung camera!!

I have a little collection of cameras, and I’m ashamed to say that 9 times out of 10, I use the camera on my phone. I dug out my little Samsung Galaxy camera I bought last year, and went walkies with the dog’s around the canal. I think for a little “point and shoot” camera, it takes brilliant pictures.