Evening paddle. 

Another beautiful evening on Spittal Beach. Not as hot as southern England, but Sydney and Elsie still like a cooling paddle in the sea.  Sydney likes to overcome his “short man syndrome” by doing a bit of rock climbing!! 


4 thoughts on “Evening paddle. 

  1. Beautiful photo’s! Clever Westies cooling off with a paddle:) My first Westie, a very long time ago bless him, adored water-he’d leap in ponds, bathtubs, swimming pools and the sea and how he could swim! Angel avoids it at all costs…

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    1. Elsie likes a swim, but Sydney is a bit more wary. He swam for the first time last week, but that was more error than on purpose. Although they both love the water, Sydney hates getting a bath, and Elsie would join me in the shower every day if I let her!!

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  2. Sydney & Elsie are just so cute 🙂 Well done to your boy on his first swim, brave lad! Westies really have such great personalities, mine has me wrapped around her paws and is not shy giving me a sharp bark if things are not to her liking, Lol.

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    1. Elsie is Westie JRT X, but Sydney is 100 % Westie and is 100% full of Westietude!! Lol. Elsie is a barker, and my little rescue girl, but I wouldn’t swap her for the world. My husband passed away last year from cancer, and if it wasn’t for these two, I don’t know how I would have coped.


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