Canon PowerShot. 

Er….. So this happened…. Ooops, only went out for a walk!! 


2 thoughts on “Canon PowerShot. 

  1. Nice. I hope you will have enough zoom!!! 😱😂 I just sold my Nikon D5200 multi-lens kit as it was beyond my limited interest and ability. I’ve been researching a new camera but there are sooooooo many choices. I’m using my old Canon sx200 for now.

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    1. I have a very old nikon which was fantastic in its day, but a bit of a faff with cables and having to fire up the laptop. This Canon is just to take pictures of my beautiful beach and dogs. If I get right back into photography again, I will get a super duper one. Battery all charged now… The dog’s will hate me tomorrow when I take them on a long walk!! Tee hee.

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